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Little David and His Dreaming Tree

Olive's Adventures in Banderas Bay

 is an inspiring children’s book about a young sea turtle who embarks on an incredible journey through life’s ups and downs. Born on a beach in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, Olive faces numerous obstacles as she navigates the treacherous waters of the ocean, all while staying true to her instincts and her innate sense of adventure. From the perils of pollution and plastic waste to the joy of discovering new creatures in the deep blue sea, Olive’s story is one of courage, resilience, and the enduring power of the natural world.

My Life at Spirit Rock

My Life at Spirit Rock” is a charming children’s book that takes readers on a journey through the enchanted forest of Spirit Rock. The story follows two little deer siblings, Metta and Karuna, as they explore the magic of the forest, encountering a diverse array of creatures that call Spirit Rock their home.

As the young deer siblings explore the forest, they encounter and befriend a kind farmer named Jonathan, who teaches them about the joys of gardening and how to care for all living creatures on Mother Earth. Through Farmer Jonathan’s permaculture garden, Metta and Karuna learn about the interconnectedness of all living things, and how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the world. They also learn the value of eating only nourishing fruits and vegetables and respecting all life by eating only plant-based meals.

Princess Silvara's Adventures in San Francisco

In the enchanting land of Marin County, nestled amidst the rolling hills, lies a breathtaking mountain named Princess Silvara, also known as Mt. Tamalpais. Silvara, with her lush forests and commanding presence, enjoys her peaceful slumber, resting above all the other mountains. However, every so often, she awakens from her tranquil repose to embark on a magical adventure in the vibrant city of San Francisco. Join Silvara on her adventure as she spends her day climbing Coit Tower, riding the famous San Francisco cable cars, playing with the Sea Lions at Fisherman’s wharf, eating chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and going for a hike amongst the Giant Redwoods!

“Silvara’s San Francisco Adventure” is a tale of enchantment, a journey through the heart of a city, and a celebration of the harmonious dance between nature and human endeavor. Join Princess Silvara as she weaves through the vibrant tapestry of San Francisco, leaving a trail of wonder and inspiration in her wake. This captivating story reminds us that even the mightiest mountains have their own dreams to pursue and their own adventures to embark upon.


About Author

Ruma Tenbrink lives in a sleepy Northern California hamlet known as Hercules. She lives in her dream cottage with her handsome husband, genius kids, and adorable Chihuahuas, Pepsi and Sugar, and their little brother Baby’s spirit. Ruma draws upon her lifelong love of animals and nature when writing. She enjoys writing in her little cottage garden while consuming breath-
taking views of Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Saint Helena, and the dancing waters of the San Pablo Bay. You will most likely hear the sounds of the Dave Matthews Band coming from her back garden if you ever stop by to say hello.

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