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Organizing Packages

Let’s sit down and talk over a tasty beverage, and co-create the best organizing package for you! Open your mind and heart fully to this practice of space clearing and minimizing which will allow for transformational change in your home and in your life!

Organizing Sessions


/full day rate

Hands-on organizing sessions, including home-office projects generally take a full day from 10:00 am – 6:00pm. Be ready – we generally go over time and I will be with you for up to 10+ hours. During the first 30 minutes we can strategize/analyze the situation. During the last 30 minutes we will make sure you are at a good stopping point where we can assign “homework” to keep the project moving.

The Process

We start with a phone call to talk about your overall needs and determine if we can work well together!  If the synergy between us is there, we then schedule the In-Home Assessment outlined below.  

What happens next…?

I will ask you to text me pictures of all your areas of concern. I will then assess the photos and message you back with observations and ideas and probably jump on a call again before our in-person meeting. 

When I arrive, we can sit down together and check in about your immediate organizing goals and find out about your main source of frustration.  What could we change right now that would allow your home to work well for you?  Let’s talk!

During the assessment, we will walk through your home and talk about the challenges you are facing, and what you would like to change or accomplish with my help. We will figure out:

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What items are essential to you and the space?
  • Why do you really want to get organized? (we need to determine the reason behind the reason so we can keep it that way)
  • What’s causing the problems? (so we can eliminate them entirely)

This will enable us to estimate the number of organizing sessions needed to meet your goals, and a timeline that fits your schedule. 

An assessment usually takes 1 – 2 hours. During the assessment, we will do the following:

  1. Walk through your home and talk about your source(s) of frustration.  I will be taking notes during the walk-through.
  2. Identify what you want to accomplish with my help. 
  3. Prioritize if there are multiple areas you would like to address.
  4. Estimate number of sessions needed to reach your goals.
  5. Develop an action plan for your first organizing session.
  6. Most of the time, I encourage you to dive in and get started with me right away. We will most likely start the decluttering process during this first visit! (Should you decide to  book a session at the consult, I can give you some simple tasks to start the process on your own to prepare for our first session)

I take great care to understand your needs and expectations and to clearly define the scope of work before the work begins.

  • Planning and redesign of your space (2-3 hours). I do this free of charge while we work on your chosen room or rooms! I will offer expert advice for optimum flow
  • Color consultation using color therapy tools to create a space that is harmonious 
  • If feasible, I will drop off all your donated items (including electronic waste, old medications and books) and bring your tax receipt!
  • Continued support and coaching in between sessions and far beyond our working relationship.
  • Product recommendations and where to purchase the essentials

We will collaborate on a written Action Plan on the spot. I will also email the formal plan to you within 3 business days of the visit and will include:

In-Home Consultations


/3 hour consultation

Want to organize on your own but need advice on how to proceed?

In-home consultations are for people who wish to organize on their own but want detailed advice about how to move forward. Some guidance on organizing skills, strategic storage, furniture placement, use of space and a little motivation is really all you need.  I am here to help you!  I will teach you the skills required to SORT: Save/Offload/Relocate/Toss like a pro!  I offer short, complimentary coaching calls after my visit for continued guidance, motivation, and encouragement.  I will get you started immediately with some hands-on work tackling your area that needs the most attention as our example. Dive in today!

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